Our Out Patient Department is the best at what they do, they are determined, passionate, and caring for our patients in a family-centered atmosphere. 

Buck Hospital OPD
Buck Hospital Inpatient care

Inpatient Care

Health care is not just about medicine but about trust. 

We have experienced professionals you can trust to provide the best health care in a comfortable environment. Once admitted you experience the best healthcare has to offer.

Baby Weighing Clinic

Providing the service to the community by way of weighing, vaccinations, vitamin supplements for better growth of the young ones in the community once every month.


Internal Medicine

In this field of practice. Doctors are focused and passionate about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various kinds of diseases and ailments that afflict all adults.

Elector Cardiography (ECG)

With state of the art equipment, we can monitor and track accurately any abnormalities in the heart and give the right diagnosis. rest assured you are in good hands.

Buck Hospital Lab


Our laboratory team is well qualified and handles all samples with the topmost care providing quality and accurate results for our patients in a family-centered atmosphere. 


We take pride in the availability of the required drugs for treatments, promptly giving our patient's and client's convenience with the excellence they can trust.

Buck Hospital Pharmacy